New Work for NEOS 2021

Pausing to remember

Room to Breathe

There is a feeling I get when I arrive at the North Sea coast and it’s difficult to explain.   I instinctively take a deep breath and feel uplifted; perhaps I’m breathing in the sights and sounds of the place.   I also have an overwhelming sense of being home and can physically feel my shoulders drop.   For me, there is a sense of peace and room to breathe.  No doubt my connection with the sea is deep-rooted from a childhood spent in a fishing community.

I’ve been experimenting with ways to capture these feelings with my latest series of paintings.   Can I make space in a painting to give the viewer ‘Room to Breathe’ and at the same time keep the painting interesting to look at?

I’ve worked from memory and it’s given me freedom to paint more intuitively and react to what’s appearing on the canvas or board.  The first layers of the painting can be busy, then I simplify the composition, placing large flat shapes alongside textured areas in the hope that simplifying adds to a sense of peace and gives the viewer ‘Room to Breathe’.

I’m looking forward to exhibiting this new group of work as part of NEOS 2021 and they will be added to the website soon.   Check out the NEOS 2021 page for my event info.  In the meantime, hopefully the images below will give you a flavour of what’s to come.

A flavour of what's to come...

Diptych in sity
Passing Squall in situ
Beach Layers
Getting away from it all