Val lives and works in Aberdeen, Scotland

"I’ve always drawn and painted.   From a young age, it was the thing I wanted to do most and now I feel fortunate that I can spend time doing what I love. 

Painting is always a challenge; each canvas is a journey where I’m not always sure of the destination.  I enjoy adding layers, making marks, playing with colour and it’s exciting to see a painting develop -  sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s ok and there is always the option to paint over and start again.

I live where it’s as easy to stand by the sea as it is to be in the middle of the countryside and where the weather forecast for tomorrow can never be guaranteed.   There are shapes galore to catch the eye; created by nature or left by the people who walked the same paths before us.  

I hope my paintings are a little celebration of what we can see around us…if we lift our heads."